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Construction of Fishing Harbor at Al-Qad & Al-Mukehref, Tabuk Province



Total value



Completion date

"• Al-Qad - Dredging works 680,000m3 - Backfilling 220,000m3 and concrete pavements with a length of 100m and a depth of -3m - and floating docks 3000m in length and breakwater with a length of 1000m3 and another with a length of 600m3 - and electrical and mechanical works • Al-Mukehref - Dredging works 120,000 m3 - Backfilling 60,000 m3 - Protection works for concrete pavements 90 m and floating piers"


Construction of the King Abdulaziz Road intersection with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Road (Two Stages) - Madinah

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