Development of the intersection of Medina Road with Al Salam Street, Jeddah

19.7 M


Total value



Completion date

• The project consists of coordinating the site and treating the visual distortion through the implementation of an irrigation network, planting the site, preparing trees of different lengths and types, coconut trees in pools of decorative blocks and concrete printed on the sides of the bridge and slopes, fencing barbed wire and interlocking tiles, installing lights on the sides of the bridge and lighting above the tile’s lake and the lighting over the bushes. • Project's area is 85,000 m2, 88 (Pcs) palm trees, 40 (Pcs) trees, 250 (Pcs) Shrubs, 250 (Pcs) Succulents, 2300 (Pcs) Ground Covers, gravel 28,000 m2, Rocks 96 groups, Artificial Grass 12,000 m2, Stamped concrete 16,500 m2, mosaic tiles 6,150 m2, Interlock 1,300 m2, Curbstone 2,700 LM, Mesh fence 278 LM, 2 sets of pumps, 2 Irrigation Controller panel, 3 irrigation tanks


East Ring Road & Makkah Road (G20 Roads) Landscape Development

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